Organic baby formula for your little one

Loulouka formula with organic Swiss milk: made by parents, for parents

Breastfeeding is the best form of nutrition for babies

Why choose Loulouka?

Our formula has been developed by parents, for parents. Organic, made with Swiss milk and without the use of palm oil.

       Loulouka is available in 3 stages

Our Quality

Made with love, in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its high standards in organic food: the cows too are fed natural feeds. We only use whole milk and local resources for our formula. Of course, we meet all strict quality requirements for the entire production process and for the milk, the cows and the environment.

Swiss Milk

We only use whole milk from organic cows for our formula. Our cows are naturally fed with grass and hay. Our milk is tested on more than fifty quality aspects.

Coconut oil

We choose to use coconut oil instead of palm oil in our products. This way, we want to make a sustainable contribution to the environment.

Certified organic products

Our products are certified according to European standards for organic food. This means that we comply with all rules for organic farming and the production of organic food.


Like all follow-on formula, our follow-on formula contains all the vitamins and minerals that your baby needs.

Our promise

Your little one is the most important part of your life! We have chosen to work with Swiss organic whole milk and local organic ingredients. Loulouka, made by parents, for parents.