For all the

little ones

We strive to provide the necessary nutrition and vitamins during the first stage of life, as all follow-on milks do

Mother milk is the best nutrition for your baby

Why Loulouka?

Loulouka was created by parents for parents and is developed by a team with over 10 years of experience. By using Swiss milk sources and by replacing palm oil with coconut oil, we created the base for our Loulouka milk formulas. When the time comes to switch over to a follow-on milk, always consult your pediatrician. Loulouka follow-on milk can be your choice.


Our Quality

Proudly made in Switzerland with organic whole milk

All our milk nutrition is produced in Switzerland because strict quality regulations ensure that milk, cows and the environment are all respected throughout the entire production process. Switzerland is known for its high-quality products in the field of organic food. Loulouka only uses whole milk and we strive to provide children with an optimal nutrition in their first years of life.

Swiss Milk

Our cows are fed with primarily natural grass and hay. We only use whole milk from organic farming and the milk has over 50 quality checks.

Coconut oil

We use traditional coconut oil instead of palm oil. This way we contribute to a sustainable environmental future.

European Organic Certified

Our products are certified according to European regulation and standards. This means independent agencies  check if all rules of organic farming and food production are being conducted accordingly.


In our formula all necessary vitamins and minerals are included as are in all follow-on formulas.

Our promise

Babies are our top priority so why should what we feed them be any different?

Choosing the Swiss milk sources and local organic ingredients, we believe we have a product that you can trust.

Created by parents for parents.
Loulou approves.