About us

Loulouka was created by parents for parents and is developed by a team with over 10 years of experience. By using Swiss milk sources and by replacing palm oil with coconut oil, we created the base for our Loulouka milk formulas. We aim higher. The health and wellbeing of the most precious and fragile members of society is our calling, our mission – our heartbeat.

Our founders joined forces to find a producer which shares our sustainable vision and could offer a baby formula that excluded palm oil and had a base of whole fat milk. The producer met the highest food quality standards (organic sources), was supported by current scientific research, and would be whole-heartedly approved by informed and loving parents everywhere.

We fulfill our mission by offering clean and pure natural ingredients available on the market. We do not compromise – on any ingredient. We only use whole milk from organic cows. But it’s not only our ingredients that we take seriously…

Produced in Switzerland due to its strict regulatory standards and quality controls, we are able to create a follow-on formula that is the optimum for babies, while treating animals with care and compassion, and being kind to our environment through our sustainability practices. Our signature production process contains 50 unique quality checks to ensure excellence in every box we produce.

At Loulouka, we believe our children are the best hope for our world – we choose to invest in them. We choose a high qualitative baby formula manufacturer which met our and your standards. We hope you choose Loulouka!

About Christiaan

Christiaan believes that eating healthy is the basis for a good life. Of course, having a good life involves more than just food, but you control your food yourself and therefore it’s something you can adjust without much effort.

How nice would it be if your most precious possession, your baby, has access to a follow-on milk that meets all strict criteria of being European Organic certified. Many mothers can happily switch on their natural machine and thus provide their child with the best nutrition, but not all.

Michael, Peter and Christiaan choose to develop their own baby food and bring a European Organic certified product to the market. Chris believes that with Loulouka we have developed products that are tasty, attractive and also packed with the right organic ingredients (more than 98%). After having worked as an international supply chain consultant, Christiaan has built several companies in the baby market and has experienced the rise of organic baby food up close. He believes there is a clear need for a new brand of organic baby food and will work with the team to make Loulouka available to as many children as possible around the world.

About Michael

After graduating from Erasmus University Rotterdam Michael started his career at Lidl GmbH which gave him his first insights in the retail industry. During his career he started also his first business in 2013 which was focused on children and baby related food and non-food products in the premium segment. Together with one of his high school friends this venture would give them their first taste of entrepreneurship and later resulted in quitting their jobs in 2016. While they were focused on the Asian market they were contacted by Peter Basios from the United States to explore opportunities in the organic infant milk segment. Peter his knowledge in the organic infant industry combined with the network of suppliers and producers Christiaan and Michael have in Europa would lead towards a lot of research in finding the right partner/producer to launch a product which meet the high standards parents require for their precious little ones. Early 2019 the Loulouka brand was launched and made an positive impact in the baby formula market. Peter, Christiaan and Michael will be launching many more organic products in the near future.

About Peter

Peter’s story started like many new parents – exhausted from sleepless nights, and feeling helpless and frustrated of his distressed, colicky newborn triplets. Grappling with yet another stress-filled and sleepless night consoling his babies, he desperately began researching online for anything that could help his little ones. As he researched, he came to discover the profound discrepancy in quality ingredients found in the most popular infant formulas manufactured in Europe. The differences were staggering compared to similar follow-on milks available in his own country.

Born and raised in New York to immigrant parents, Peter was instilled with a tireless work ethic and equipped with a unique wisdom derived from his family business legacy of importing Greek foods. These qualities helped him start a company that didn’t yet exist in the US market, a company that would run counter to the mainstream US baby formula industry.

Organic Start achieved rapid success, and over the years, Peter has steadily expanded additional product lines such as cereals, snacks, juices and baby care. But there still seemed to be something missing. In 2016, Peter began meeting with Michael and Christiaan to explore a new vision – to launch their own baby formula, staying ever true to organic, natural ingredients with a minimum percentage of 95. In 2019, after years of research and hard work, Peter and his new partners launched Loulouka.