About us

At Loulouka, we believe that our children are the future. Their health and well-being are our calling, our mission – it fuels our heartbeat. This is what makes us want to produce high-quality baby food.

Loulouka was founded by Peter, Christiaan and Michael. Three men, each with years of experience in the baby formula business. For Peter, his interest in the ingredients of different brands of follow-on formula started after the birth of his triplets. Exhausted from sleepless nights, helpless and frustrated, he tried to find ways to comfort his newborns. He looked for everything he could to give his kids the best start. Michael and Christiaan go way back, they know each other since high school and have both worked for years with well-known baby food brands around the world.

As founders of Loulouka, we felt that there was no baby formula out there that exactly matched our ideals. Our mission was created and we joined forces. In 2016, we started developing our own baby formula, fully in line with our vision. After years of research and hard work, Loulouka was born in 2019.

Loulouka: natural ingredients

We fulfill our mission by using natural ingredients. We make no compromises: we only use whole milk from organic cows and Swiss raw materials. Our sustainable vision is tangible across all our ingredients, factory processes and of course the end product. And naturally Loulouka, like all follow-on milks, meets the high food quality standards. Our products are supported by scientific research and are daily approved by the real experts: You! In addition, our cows are treated with care and compassion, because that is important to us.

At Loulouka, we believe that our children are the future and we choose to invest in them. We choose to be a high-quality baby food manufacturer. We hope you choose Loulouka.

Peter, Christiaan and Michael work hard to be able to launch more organic products for babies and children in the near future.