Why should I feed my baby organic formula? And why specifically Loulouka?

Loulouka is being prepared with whole Swiss milk contains no palm oil and no soy. The base of swiss milk professional production gives us the believe that we have a superior product.

Also, being certified organic in Europe means that many business processes, in the farms, the production facilities and our warehouses, are regulated and inspected by independent institutions.

  • Mother milk is the best nutrition for your baby

What makes swiss farming and milk so special?

Maybe it’s the fact that so much attention is given to the cows. Or the fact that there are only 23 cows per farm, the lowest in the world. Maybe it’s the fact the cows are free to roam the mountains. Maybe it’s just the fact that they get the summer off to vacation which gives the cows the rest they deserve before going back to the farms.

Why substitute palm oil with coconut?

The real question here should be why not? Using palm oil in products is usually easy accessible and has become the standard while coconut oil is not linked to harming the environment and disturbing our ecosystem. We rather use a better alternative ingredient that is natural and doesn’t harm the environment.

You are a Dutch company but your formula is made in Switzerland?

Our founders met in the Netherlands and did business in the Netherlands and continue doing business there. Why leave? We found a good milk source and made our formula in the Swiss mountains and then transport back to our Dutch facilities.

What is the right way to prepare the formula?

1. Wash your hands, thoroughly clean the bottle, ring and teat by sterilising them in boiling water for 3-5 minutes before use.
2. Boil freshly run water and leave to cool to approximately 40-50C°. Fill half of the water into the bottle. (for exact amount see measuring table below)
3. Fill the provided measuring spoon with a scoop of powder and press it flat by using the back of a knife. Add the correct amount of milk powder into the bottle. Close the bottle and shake well.
4. Add the remaining water and shake it again until all the powder is dissolved. Let it cool to drinking temperature (approx. 37°C). Always test the temperature of the milk before feeding.

Stage 1 Loulouka

Stage 2 Loulouka

Stage 3 Loulouka

Can I premake your formula and store it?

You sure can! It’s hard enough raising a baby let alone having to make a bottle each time. Make it and store in the fridge for maximum 12 hours.

Where can I buy this product?

We sell in the EU. We are actively working around the globe with bringing Loulouka up to each country’s regulations. You might find our product online from other sellers. That is not something we promote or advise. We can’t control where all our products go.

Do you really have a cow named Loulouka?

We do, but we can’t share her location as she values her privacy a lot 😉.

Should I switch formulas to Loulouka? Would it be bad?

Please consult with your pediatrician for all questions related to changing your baby’s diet.