A baby that keeps waking up early can completely ruin your mood. Imagine looking forward to sleeping during the weekend, falling asleep, then jolting back awake when you hear a noise. It’s your baby, crying and wide awake at 4:30 in the morning. This isn’t exactly the ideal start to your weekend. Even though not getting a lot of sleep is an unavoidable part of parent life, let’s be honest with ourselves: no one likes getting out of bed in the small hours of the morning, especially if you were hoping to wake up fresh and energized. Why is your little one waking up so early? And what exactly can you do about it?

What is waking up early?

It’s not really your little one’s fault that they wake up “too early.” Unlike us, babies don’t have a circadian rhythm and aren’t yet capable of sleeping through the night. So when does your baby wake up too early? According to sleepcoaches, babies wake up too early when they wake up between 4 and 6 in the morning. Does your child wake up after 6am? That’s totally normal. Sometime between 6 and 7am is the perfect time for your child to wake up. That sounds a lot better than 4am, huh?

With a little help

What do you do if your baby keeps waking up early? Of course, you can help your kid with sleeping in. Down below we’ve listed some of the most common causes for baby waking up early, plus a solution. However, we should mention that no baby is the same: what works for one child, might not work for another. Experiment a bit to find what works best for your little one.

Going to bed too late

This might sound a bit odd, but putting your baby in bed too late can actually cause them to wake up too early. Do you see signs that they’re falling asleep? Then it’s time to go to bed! Don’t wait too long, because the later your baby sleeps, the more sleeping problems they’ll have. Also don’t forget to take a look at your baby’s sleep schedule during the day: maybe you should extend or shorten naptime?

Light in the darkness

Do you enjoy sleeping in a room full of light? Chances are you don’t. Just like you, your baby doesn’t like a lot of light when trying to sleep. Even worse: if they see light, your baby will think it’s morning already. As a result, your little one will stay wide awake. The solution is quite simple: get blackout curtains. This way, you and your baby can sleep as long as you want!

Inconsistent scheduling

And last but certainly not least: be consistent! Parents often take their children out of bed when they’re awake. This way, your child will never learn that it’s still too early to get up. Try showing your little one that you expect them to go back to sleep instead.

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