We have updated our packaging: you will no longer find our formula in cartons: from now on, Loulouka is sold in metal tins. Not only do they look a lot nicer, but they are also super handy. We have also further improved the composition of our formula. From now on, our formula also contains the omega 3 fatty acid DHA.

It was time for a change! We are committed to continuing to develop ourselves, that is why we have thoroughly adapted our packaging. We opted for a whole new look! The cartons have been replaced by handy metal tins. Our packaging now looks a lot better. Look at our products to see and buy the new packaging.

Metal tins are also much more convenient than cartons. The new packaging is more sturdy and resealable. You will now find the spoon attached to the lid, instead of in the formula. You won’t have to search for the spoon any longer!

Just like the cardboard packaging, the tins are made from mostly recycled materials as well. In this way, we make sure to keep the impact on the environment as small as possible!

New composition

Not only the packaging has changed, but we have also adapted the composition of our formula. You will now find the omega 3 fatty acid DHA in the ingredients. New European legislation obliges producers of infant formula to add that component to baby milk. DHA must be in all formula sold in the European countries and Switzerland.

All baby milk sold in the European Union must comply with strict rules. For example, the law states exactly how many minerals and vitamins must be in the formula. Products have to comply with rules concerning contaminants (harmful substances that can occur in food) and with rules concerning the labels on the packaging. For example, there should be no artificial flavors, coloring, and sweeteners in the milk. Of course, Loulouka meets all these requirements.

What is DHA?

In its new composition, Loulouka contains more fatty acids. By adding DHA, we try to ensure that our formula is as close to breastmilk as possible*. We added the omega-3 fatty acid DHA to our composition. This substance is commonly found in fish. Babies will benefit from the fatty acid in the development of their retina and brain. It allows cell membranes in the brain to become even more smooth and permeable, making your baby’s brain functions work even better.

*Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby

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